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We understand investing in stocks is complicated. At Investing Alpha, we made a 5 step process so you, the investor, can build the portfolio of your dreams in one day. Why rely on a random person to handle and manage your hard earned money? Why not rely on yourself and create the portfolio with the highest returns? We are not a roboadvisor with advanced algorithms, we simply provide you with the tools to be succesfull! We hand pick the top portfolios and provide templates and analysis to the investor. Our step by step process outlines the ultimate copycat or "coattail" investing guide. Investing Alpha accumulates only the top performing porfolios based on an alpha that destroys the Standard and Poor 500 Index. The portfolios we pick have beaten the Standard and Poor 500 Index by almost 25%

We offer a variety of updates every week so you can track investments and our top portfolio picks. Will the portfolio you build be pure alpha?

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How We Do It

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Step Two: Pick Your Favorite Portfolio

We Explain Each Of The Top Portfolios Ojectives and Returns

Step Three: Assemble Your Portfolio

We Teach You The Inns and Outs of how to make the Portfolio

Step Four: Get Involved

Integrate With The Investment Community

Step 5: Backtest Your Results

Learn To analyze Your Portfolio

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